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What Does a Drywall Finisher Do?



The Drywall Finisher finishes gypsum wallboard surfaces by taping, spotting, pointing, filling, finishing, and sanding joints, angles, internal and external corners, and all field surfaces. Skill is required in the use of hand filling and machine tool methods for both preparation and application techniques. As such, the Drywall Finisher shall be familiar with all aspects of the trade including: the tools, materials, procedures, environmental conditions on the job site as well as the regulations and standards of the various authorities having jurisdiction.

  • A skilled Drywall Finisher will be organized and capable of working independently. The Drywall Finisher shall possess a recognized certificate of trade qualification, certificates of apprenticeship as required, and have completed an approved training course, as well the Drywall Finisher shall have the minimum acceptable level of education as required by the industry. Safety is stressed in all aspects of the drywall finishing trade. Physical and health hazards include the dangers of toxic poisoning from paint and related material fumes and dusts and falls from elevated work platforms or ladders.
  • The Drywall Finisher will also be familiar with the regulations and standards which outline those requirements. The Drywall Finisher should be physically fit to perform the tasks required by the trade, and capable of taking detailed instruction on the job site.


Working Conditions 
Standing, bending, some lifting (up to 75 lbs.). Coating and/or sanding with the use of a respirator.

Recommended Courses 
General math, algebra, geometry. General knowledge of Blueprint reading helpful.

Terms of Apprenticeship
3 years of on the job training, related class room instruction, classes a minimum of 144 hours per year.