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79 Bradley Street, Middletown CT 06457. Phone: 860-613-0200
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The Finishing Trades Mission in Connecticut

Welcome to our site! The International Union of Painter's and Allied Trades District Council 11 considers itself a vital and flourishing labor organization, which represents over 1,600 members in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our members include painters, drywall finishers, glaziers, wall coverers, and various industrials. Please contact us with your questions!

Around the District

  • Coating and Corrosion EXPO 2019!


    Join us for our Fourth Annual Coating and Corrosion EXPO!

    The cost to repair corrosion added up to more than $300 billion a year, according to US Federal Highway Administration. If you deal with coatings or corrosion, this is a must attend expo as we address how to prevent and mitigate corrosion effects.

    There will be vendors on hand to demonstrate the latest techniques to eliminate corrosion. We will be offering 4 CEU Credits from Ardex, Rust-Oleum, Sherwin Williams, and a presentation from SSPC. There will be live hands on demos (participation encouraged) from Ardex, Sponge Jet, and Rust-Oleum. Vendor booths will be on display from On-Floor, Niagra Machine, PPG, Ardex, Sherwin Williams, 3M, Quicky Containment Systems, Rust-Oleum, Sponge Jet, Benjamin Moore, Rings End, and Graco Spray Pump. There will be giveaways, door prizes, free continental breakfast and lunch, plus more!


            You may register by emailing jessek@iupatdc11.com or calling our office at (860) 613-0700.



  • Trump Administration IRAP Undermining Unions!

    This article provides more information on the Trump administrations IRAP. The IRAP is undermining union-protected wages and safety standards. Please take the time to sign the petition to take action!!





  • 1274 Local Union Meeting Changed

    *Attention Local 1274 members!

    Due to the holiday approaching, the local union meeting is being rescheduled and will take place tomorrow night Tuesday, November 20th. The meeting will take place at its usual time and location, 7 p.m @ DC11 Middletown Headquarters.

    See you then!

  • Joe Markley on Unions and Lobbyists

    Attention Brothers and Sisters!

    Please see the attached video on Joe Markley, Bob Stefanowski”s running mate for Lt. Governor.

    In the video- Markley references the dome, which refers to our State Capitol. Markley takes his orders from Bob Stefanowski. A vote for Stefanowski is a vote against your paycheck as well as your benefits.

    Please know The Stefanowski/Markley ticket is against using Project Labor Agreements, enacting “Right to Work” laws and repealing prevailing wage laws.

    By voting for them you are voting against yourselves!

    Please understand what is at stake during this election.

    Get involved. Volunteer to support your way of life.



    Questions regarding this matter can be directed to our Political Director of Connecticut, Peter Foote.

    (860) 613-0200 ext. 212


  • Cieri slate of candidates going unopposed, elected for another 4 years

    Congratulations to our elected leaders of District Council 11!

    Dominick Cieri Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

    Peter Foote Business Representative Local Union 481

    Wilfredo Vega Business Representative Local Unions 186, 1719

    Jason Werthman Business Representative Local Union 1274

    Mark Verity  Business Representative Local Union 1122

    Norbert Oliveira Business Representative Local Union 1333

    Justin Kelley Business Representative Local Union 195

  • Celebrating 30 Years with Local 186!

    We are pleased to announce Business Representative Willie Vega & President James Wagner acknowledged Local 186 member Steven Giacalone with a 30 Year pin! Thank you for your sustained effort with this Union, we wish you many more year ahead Brother!


    Photo from left to right:

    James Wagner (President Local 186), Steven Giacaclone (Local 186), Willie Vega (Business Representative Local 186/1719)

  • Celebrating 50 years with Local 1274!

    Business Representative Jason Werthman & President Richard Shaw present David Pomianowski with a plaque and watch, recognizing and honoring him for his 50 years of membership and continued brotherhood! Congratulations David!


    Photo from left to right:

    Jason Werthman (Business Representative Local 1274), David Pomianowski (Local 1274 Life Member), Richard Shaw (President Local 1274)

  • Local Union 186 Union Meeting Changed*

    Attention Local 186 Members!! 

    The monthly Local 186 meeting has been moved back a week for the Month of May. The meeting will be changed from May 2, 2018 to Wednesday, May 9, 2018. If you have any immediate questions or concerns please speak to your Business Representative, Willie Vega.