Our Main Office:
79 Bradley Street, Middletown CT 06457. Phone: 860-613-0200
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Connecticut Volunteer Organizing Committee (VOC)

Connecticut Volunteer Organizing Committee (VOC) is back!

Shape Tomorrow: Join the VOC Today!

Key benefits of joining:

  • Empower Your Voice: Amplify your influence in the industry and within your community.
  • Drive Positive Change: Be an integral part of the movement advocating for better wages and working conditions.
  • Expand Our Reach: Help grow the union's membership to strengthen our collective bargaining power.
  • Share Your Story: Use your personal experience to inspire and mobilize both union and non-union workers.
  • Build Solidarity: Join a team committed to fostering a united front for all workers' rights.

Members interested can apply here- VOC Application

Meetings will begin in April 2024 and will take place 1 Tuesday a month