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What Does a Glazier Do?




Glaziers fabricate and install Architectural metal used in storefronts, mid and high rise buildings, which includes anchoring by welding and sealant application of metal systems supplied by many metal manufacturers. Glaziers cut, fabricate and install all types of glass and plastic products.Glaziers load and unload, by hand as well as with cranes and other devices, vehicles used for delivery of trade related equipment. Glaziers read and interpret Blueprints, and must be able to read and understand technical literature.


Working Conditions 
Glaziers walk, bend, lift, crouch, climb, kneel and stand for long periods of time. Some of the lifting is heavy (maximum 75 lbs.). Glaziers also use hoists and/or cranes and move heavy material with various dollies and trucks.

Recommended Courses 
Algebra, geometry, blueprint reading, drafting, metal shop.

Terms of Apprenticeship 
4 years on the job training and a minimum of 160 hours per year of related classroom instruction.